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Friday, April 10, 2009

We keep our dog crated most of the time. He comes out to use the bathroom and if I'm not too tired, then he might get an hour of play at night. We don't like to keep him crated that much. So I've been trying to give him a little time in the house. Having this dog free in the house is like having football guys play football in the house. He's better these days, but he did manage to break a large Corelle bowl this morning with a fantastic glass breaking sound and fragments flying as far as some ten feet away.

This dog does not care what he puts in his mouth, what he steps on, what he pushes out of the way, or what he knocks over; he gets even more destructive with temper tantrums. This is one destructive dog; it seems to be part of the breed. I've known people to give this breed of dog away due to the sheer level of destruction. I simply cannot see how Labrador Retrievers can be America's #1 dog. I can't help but wonder whether some of this could have been curbed had we had him when he was just a puppy.

I can really kick myself for "saving" this dog from his previous owners. I'm not doing too good a job myself.

Our cats are fully clawed. I'm waiting for the day when they teach him a lesson in respect. Since he isn't free in the house much, he and the cats haven't really tangled. But as he gets more time in the house, there will come a day...