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have some humanity, please

Friday, November 18, 2011

Regarding the issue of illegal immigration, I don't think "securing the border" is the answer. If people are fleeing from a burning building, locking the doors to keep them in is not the answer. The majority of these illegal immigrants come under very dire circumstances. History indicates that USA was founded by people who came over under very dire circumstances as well. If USA claims to be "home of the free" and land of the brave, why are we brave people afraid to bring on the immigrants? Are we not resourceful enough to make something positive of the situation, to bring in the people and have them help make us a stronger nation? If we can't put out the fire burning building, at least let the people escape from the building.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's been a lovely, lazy, relaxing Saturday. The weather was pleasant. It was a little blustery today, partly cloudy with pleasant temperatures. Not too hot or cold. I finally trimmed our shrubs up front today. I called myself washing my car; but I didn't do a fantastic job. At least some of the dust not knocked off.

I was searching for a song on Amazon for someone else. They heard it on the radio but didn't know the exact artist. The search was unsuccessful.

Here's an oldie that I did run across (just a sample clip at the link below): I Give You Praise by Richard Smallwood. Try listening to it on a quiet night when you're doing some soul-searching.

On a different note... Kudos to whomever invented the nail clipper. Whatever did they do prior to its invention?