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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ugh. No more Subway sandwiches for me. I used to like them. There was a time when I probably had a Subway sandwich at least once per week. In the past two days I've tried their sandwiches again. They're terrible ... dry bread and flavorless sandwiches as a whole. How can sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwiches be flavorless? It's inexplicable. The other one I tried was seafood; used to love it, but not this one I just had.

There used to be a Blackeyed Pea restaurant near us. We like the food until it got waaay too salty. So we stopped going there several years later we gave it another shot. Still too salty. Several years after that, the restaurant shut down. It's a different restaurant in that spot now.

If Subway doesn't get their act together, they'll be losing too much business as well. Our other options in the area include Quizno's and Panera. So far we love Panera. We're going to be leaving Subway sandwiches alone for a while ... possibly a long while.