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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ugh. No more Subway sandwiches for me. I used to like them. There was a time when I probably had a Subway sandwich at least once per week. In the past two days I've tried their sandwiches again. They're terrible ... dry bread and flavorless sandwiches as a whole. How can sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwiches be flavorless? It's inexplicable. The other one I tried was seafood; used to love it, but not this one I just had.

There used to be a Blackeyed Pea restaurant near us. We like the food until it got waaay too salty. So we stopped going there several years later we gave it another shot. Still too salty. Several years after that, the restaurant shut down. It's a different restaurant in that spot now.

If Subway doesn't get their act together, they'll be losing too much business as well. Our other options in the area include Quizno's and Panera. So far we love Panera. We're going to be leaving Subway sandwiches alone for a while ... possibly a long while.

some promising lighter weight mobility scooters

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ewheels EW-01 SpeedyThe Ewheels Speedy EW-01
  • good looks
  • solid seat with back rest (no arm rests, though)
  • very respectable top speed of 11mph
  • 30 miles per charge under the most ideal of conditions
  • 69lbs. including batteries
Drive Medical Zoome
The Drive Medical Zoome recreational scooter

  • not bad looking
  • does have a seat (though rather small and has no back rest or arm rests)
  • whopping top speed of 15mph
  • 20 miles per charge
  • 78lbs. (probably includes the batteries)
  • it has tighter turning radius and higher curb clearance than the Speedy EW-01 ... unfortunately this also translates to more cramped leg room and bump in the deck may make it difficult for the user to mount this trike

Of the above two, I'd pick the Speedy EW-01 based on what I know about the user I have in mind. The solid-looking seat, the step-through deck, and the more traditional "mobility scooter" look win out.

But there is plenty of room for improvement. The 69 lbs of the EW-01 is 29 lbs more than the lightweight and very "bare-bones" 40-lb Smart Scoot. That's quite a bit more, and I hope the weight of these things will continue to drop in future designs. Carbon fiber, anyone? Lighter weight wheels? Their videos never demonstrate how you would get it in and out of the trunk of your car. And as far I as can tell, the battery is not normally removable.

For prices on these scooters, please do an internet search for them and the various vendors will have the prices.