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you can make your own rosary

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Instructions here on how to make your own rosary out of #36 nylon twine.


I have a sore throat like I've never had before. The ones I've had would be soothed by running fluid across it, as in drinking. This sore throat feels like a lump and it hurts like crazy to swallow. Last night the lump was bigger, almost affecting my inner ear. It's gone down but it's still there and still hurts if I swallow.

I had severe chills last night too. My teeth chattered and my muscles are sore from shivering. I was so exhausted this morning. I slept through much of the day. But when I sleep too much, I get headaches. An e-mail I received several weeks back indicated that drinking two glasses of Gatorade will relieve a headache. It also indicated that mixing equal parts of white vinegar and honey and taking a tablespoon of the stuff six times a day will relieve a sore throat. So here I go.

I've had two doses of Tylenol and Mucinex today.  Maybe I'll take another dose.

Every now and then I have to take "space heater therapy" where I toast myself in front of a space heater to relieve the chills.


Wishing everyone a holy and most blessed Triduum.  For those who have never attended a Holy Thursday mass or Good Friday service, perhaps this is the year you'll try one.

goodbye, my friend

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuxedo cat died at 15 years of age.  The fella never hinted that he was old.  Sweet, sweet, handsome cat.

for real

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, there is a company named "Big Ass Fans"


Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a week.  The workers finished the work on windows and doors on Monday.  Now the doors are waiting to be painted and stained.

Monday night we attended bible study.

Tuesday Gumby went into the hospital.  It was just precautionary.  They did tests on Wednesday.  While Gumby was in the hospital, I was the runner to get any needed stuff.  This evening (Thursday) I picked Gumby up from the hospital.  With all that running around, I haven't been able to get the house back in order.

Our oak tree in the back is dropping leaves like crazy.  I guess the tree is kinda "molting."  New growth is coming in as the leaves are dropping.  I suppose I have a tree worth of leaves in the backyard.  The two trees in the front had green buds Tuesday morning and today those buds have grown into baby leaves.

Work is crazy.  We were pretty much told today that if it takes living at our workplace to meet the schedule, then that's what we have to do.  Missing the schedule is not an option.  As usual, I'm behind schedule.  Let the floggings begin.

I pray for the miracle of not being irate at work, to remember that it's JUST a J-O-B, and to somehow be Christ for others.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

The doors and windows are installed, though not quite finished.  We're enjoying them.  We finally have doors and windows that are functional.  The windows have a greenish tint to them; probably an effect of the argon gas in them.

The house is still topsy turvy.  Things have not been put back in place yet.  After the workers left, we had to deal with the dust.  It's concrete dust from when they were taking out the old windows.  We've done the kitchen as that was the first order of things.  Yucky to have gritty kitchen:  floors, counters, you name it.  I've vacuumed the floors where I can and mopped the front and back entries (but not the kitchen).  It's been busy, I haven't gotten to it.

Doors have glass inserts.  We're getting used to them.  With the light coming through them, we get the feeling that the door is open.  We're actually using the front entrance now.  We used to just go through the garage.  We have some stuff we have to do tomorrow (Saturday), but I hope to put up some new blinds as well as finish clean up of at least one area and get things back to there.