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Mary with infant Jesus

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I received this invitation from a friend Religious in the Phillipines. Here in the USA, the images of Mary and infant Jesus are of a European flavor. This image here gives a different perspective that I thought you might enjoy.

17th century music at Mass

At our parish, we are held hostage to 17th century (or some such ancient) music during Mass. It doesn't matter which Mass I attend, the format is the same and the music is the same. At least it all sounds the same to me; it's probably all in Latin. The congregation is invited to participate for the gathering hymn and the recessional hymn; although they're in English, usually it's a selection that we're unfamiliar with. When we're invited to join for the communion hymn, if it happens it's after the mind-numbing motet and whatever Latin selection, and communion is just about over. At that point we pretty much just have the attitude of "why bother;" most of the time, it's another unfamiliar selection anyways. We've been trained not to participate in the music. And when we have visitors, I hope that they're not put-off by the music. While I don't apologize for the music, I do encourage new Catholics to visit other parishes, lest they leave the faith altogether.

Since the music is of the same format during all Masses at this parish. I have no choice as member but to endure it; a penance during Mass.

The saddest Mass I've attended at this parish was when they did it in Gregorian Chant. Most people were confused. The congregation was generally unable to participate, even on the responses. It was a very quiet Mass.