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of course

Sunday, June 25, 2006

As to be expected, my resume went out to some places over the weekend. Hopefully I'll get some bites.

Right now I just want to flat out quit. Yup, bum out, do nothing. But of course that isn't going to happen.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Been buried in work. Show up at 7am and work like mad until 6pm when I can then get up, stretch, make a pit stop and grab something from the vending machine and then resume working at a slower pace until 10pm. Well okay, I was late two days this week; one from oversleeping and the other due to weather/traffic. Pretty easy to forget to turn on the alarm when I'm just collapsing to bed.

I did leave work at some reasonable time yesterday to attend a Sacred Heart mass. So I spent this morning at work.

Can't really tell the clientele that I suck at my job because I'm new. Honestly I don't think I'd suck any less in another three months. Seems like I'm having to apologize to somebody everyday. But you can't say I didn't give it my best shot.

Outside of work, so long as you don't ask anything complicated from me, I think I can manage. "Autopilot" comes to mind.

Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, dads and "old man" out there.

Research has indicated (though I don't have the source for citation) that it is the father's faith that has the greatest impact on the faith of the children. Sure, there may be more religiously devoted moms than dads, but it's the families with religiously devoted dads that are more likely to have children who continue the faith.

For me personally, it is quite compelling to see my pastor kneel in prayer instead of relying on his own strength. And he's no wimp. Even though he's on the "senior" side, I don't doubt that he can still kick a**.

As for my own father... I remember he came home one night, woke me up, took a drive and went to the movies with me on his lap (it was crowded in the place). I was no more than seven; a major event happened when I was seven, and this was before that. We never spoke a word that night (heck, I was probably half-asleep) and to this day I have no idea what that was all about. Nor will I ever ask. And I'd never given it much thought, but this being father's day, the memory surfaced.


Friday, June 16, 2006

yummmm...watermelon! A friend of Pooh's picked up a watermelon for us (and then I picked it up from there and brought it home). I just had some and it sure was yummy! Add that to my list of favorite foods.

By the job is a rather dangerous intersection. It is a short strip by the freeway with two traffic lights ... that is while you're at this intersection, you're only a few cars away from the next intersection. If you don't pay attention, you'd see the other traffic light and think it's yours. So although the other light a little further turns green, yours is still red but you think it's your turn to go and you go. And wham! you get broadsided. It almost happened to me when I was leaving work late one night. Fortunately traffic was light and I was spared. But a few days ago, the first of two cars ahead of me wasn't as lucky during rush hour. So after seeing that, I've decided not to go that route any more. My alternate route is occasionally blocked by a passing train ... which was the case on the day that I was picking up that yummy watermelon.

Also too, on my way to pick up the watermelon, if I were to take my usual route home, I'd be overshooting if I continued on and take the third freeway. I could exit early from the second freeway and traverse some neighborhood streets or I can exit a little less early and traverse a more isolated road. But I remembered that just a week or so ago on the news was a report of a fatal accident on that more isolated road. I didn't know where exactly it was, but it wasn't far from the freeway. So I avoided the isolated road as well.

So there, two dangers averted on the way to picking up a watermelon at night.

cold showers

Sunday, June 11, 2006

no gas = cold showers

warm bath is a possibility, but I just don't see how I'd be clean sitting in the same water that is supposed to clean the filth off of me

anyhow, yes, life throws curve balls


Hey, thanks, Sr. Steph. A friend of mine is making her first annual profession on Sunday (today). She is a CDP Sister. Since I couldn't be there, I decided it'd be cool to send an e-greeting at a minimum. I was going to send an Amercan Catholic greeting card, but then I remember Sr. Steph had introduced us bloggers to the delightful hoops & yoyo. So I went with that instead. I hope I didn't muck up the CDP's network with too much traffic ... I only sent out 4 of those. It took me hours to pick out the four cards thanks to "dial-up modem" technology. Anyhow, thanks, Steph!

Oh and hey, Susan, congrats on your entrance to the novitiate! (yeah, I'm just a little behind on the news)


Saturday, June 10, 2006

I occasionally stop and take a brief inventory of my blessings. Among them are:
No friends or relatives who are chronically sick and in need of my constant care. Well there's Pooh, but hopefully those health issues will be resolved by next year. No friends or relatives who are imprisoned, or suffering from addiction, or are victims of violent crime, or are missing.

Aside from what is not, I am also grateful for what is:
Thank God I'm Catholic, that we have Church, that we have priests, Brothers, Sisters, nuns ... the religious. It blows me away that we have people praying for us while we're too busy about our lives. Part of our intercessory at mass is "we pray for those who have no one to pray for them."

Thank God for the small things in life. Today Pooh and I hold in our hands the titles to our cars. Yup, the two cars are now paid out. They both are in need of repair, but never mind that for the moment. We are now freed from the car payments that we couldn't quite afford. Um, that called for a good dinner - one that you eat with a knife and fork, not one that you hold in your hands between two pieces of bread.