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Friday, June 16, 2006

yummmm...watermelon! A friend of Pooh's picked up a watermelon for us (and then I picked it up from there and brought it home). I just had some and it sure was yummy! Add that to my list of favorite foods.

By the job is a rather dangerous intersection. It is a short strip by the freeway with two traffic lights ... that is while you're at this intersection, you're only a few cars away from the next intersection. If you don't pay attention, you'd see the other traffic light and think it's yours. So although the other light a little further turns green, yours is still red but you think it's your turn to go and you go. And wham! you get broadsided. It almost happened to me when I was leaving work late one night. Fortunately traffic was light and I was spared. But a few days ago, the first of two cars ahead of me wasn't as lucky during rush hour. So after seeing that, I've decided not to go that route any more. My alternate route is occasionally blocked by a passing train ... which was the case on the day that I was picking up that yummy watermelon.

Also too, on my way to pick up the watermelon, if I were to take my usual route home, I'd be overshooting if I continued on and take the third freeway. I could exit early from the second freeway and traverse some neighborhood streets or I can exit a little less early and traverse a more isolated road. But I remembered that just a week or so ago on the news was a report of a fatal accident on that more isolated road. I didn't know where exactly it was, but it wasn't far from the freeway. So I avoided the isolated road as well.

So there, two dangers averted on the way to picking up a watermelon at night.