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work ahead

Monday, April 27, 2009

We haven't made any repairs to the damage from Hurricane Ike. No money from the homeowner's insurance (they say the damage is less than our deductible), no money from FEMA, and due to a glitch that I won't go into, unable to finish our FEMA loan application. I plan to slowly buy the lumber to fix our front fence and get that squared away first. Summer is approaching, that means lots of work around the house for me.

We also have Skip's house that we're keeping an eye on. More work. We're not doing much there, but it does take time to commute there and back. A few weeks ago I did replace the floodlights that were in front; the old ones weren't working right.

Yesterday, Sunday, I decided that I didn't want the whole weekend to pass by without me being able to get some work done at home (we were gone most of the time). So after getting back from Skip's house, around 6pm or so, I took a ladder and our wood saw out back and started on the tree. There were some branches that I've been dying to trim off. I sawed off two medium branches; there are at least two more I want off, but they're pretty big. I worked until 10pm hacking those two cut branches into smaller pieces that the trash folks can handle and haul away. I have discovered that the mosquitos are here. At one point, there must've been some 20 of them on my legs. Now I remember why I don't wear shorts outside--it's not because of the dog, it's because of the little blood suckers.

Today, my upper back and certain upper muscles are tired and perhaps a little sore.

around the web

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once in a while, I'll drop by Book of Joe and I'll usually find interesting things there. Here's a smattering of some of the recent posts:
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This fun reporting on Nightline caught my ear the other day.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally, after weeks of intermittent internet access, the problem seems to be resolved. Last week, between Gumby and I and AT&T, the modem was agreed to be replaced after talking to four AT&T representatives. First was tech support. Then account services. Then tech support again, I think, different person. Then manager because they said the modem is out of warranty and cannot be replaced at no charge. Manager asked for the serial number of the modem and then determined that the modem serial number is among those determined defective. Manager took care of the approval and transferred us to the equipment replacement department. That was Friday. Now Tuesday, the modem is here. All is hunky-dory. Mucho gracias, AT&T. I think it would have been resolved earlier, except the other time that we attempted, the equipment replacement department wasn't open (it was a weekend).

to quit or not

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm off to 11am mass in just a moment. I do two volunteer gigs at my parish. I'm up for one of the gigs today. Truthfully, I don't think I've been all that great at them in the past year. Not too bad, I don't think, but not great either. It's just my opinion, I haven't sought the perceptions of others. I've been wondering whether I should quit either or both. I haven't jumped to any conclusions; it's just been on my mind. I have to volunteer in something, so if not these two things, what else? hmm...


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yesterday I attempted the Woman's Day Pasta Primavera with Shrimp and Basil. I suppose it went okay. But since I'm no cook, it took me several hours and the kitchen was a big mess. I forgot the salt and pepper until I got to the end and said, "Hey, where's the seasoning?" Heh.

Happy Easter

Sunday, April 12, 2009


may all be blessed

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wishing everyone a most blessed Holy Triduum.


We keep our dog crated most of the time. He comes out to use the bathroom and if I'm not too tired, then he might get an hour of play at night. We don't like to keep him crated that much. So I've been trying to give him a little time in the house. Having this dog free in the house is like having football guys play football in the house. He's better these days, but he did manage to break a large Corelle bowl this morning with a fantastic glass breaking sound and fragments flying as far as some ten feet away.

This dog does not care what he puts in his mouth, what he steps on, what he pushes out of the way, or what he knocks over; he gets even more destructive with temper tantrums. This is one destructive dog; it seems to be part of the breed. I've known people to give this breed of dog away due to the sheer level of destruction. I simply cannot see how Labrador Retrievers can be America's #1 dog. I can't help but wonder whether some of this could have been curbed had we had him when he was just a puppy.

I can really kick myself for "saving" this dog from his previous owners. I'm not doing too good a job myself.

Our cats are fully clawed. I'm waiting for the day when they teach him a lesson in respect. Since he isn't free in the house much, he and the cats haven't really tangled. But as he gets more time in the house, there will come a day...