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work ahead

Monday, April 27, 2009

We haven't made any repairs to the damage from Hurricane Ike. No money from the homeowner's insurance (they say the damage is less than our deductible), no money from FEMA, and due to a glitch that I won't go into, unable to finish our FEMA loan application. I plan to slowly buy the lumber to fix our front fence and get that squared away first. Summer is approaching, that means lots of work around the house for me.

We also have Skip's house that we're keeping an eye on. More work. We're not doing much there, but it does take time to commute there and back. A few weeks ago I did replace the floodlights that were in front; the old ones weren't working right.

Yesterday, Sunday, I decided that I didn't want the whole weekend to pass by without me being able to get some work done at home (we were gone most of the time). So after getting back from Skip's house, around 6pm or so, I took a ladder and our wood saw out back and started on the tree. There were some branches that I've been dying to trim off. I sawed off two medium branches; there are at least two more I want off, but they're pretty big. I worked until 10pm hacking those two cut branches into smaller pieces that the trash folks can handle and haul away. I have discovered that the mosquitos are here. At one point, there must've been some 20 of them on my legs. Now I remember why I don't wear shorts outside--it's not because of the dog, it's because of the little blood suckers.

Today, my upper back and certain upper muscles are tired and perhaps a little sore.