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Saturday, April 26, 2014

I received an inquiry from Lisa asking whether I am still blogging.

I am a lazy blogger. More absent than not. I've thought of you often ... it just never made it to the blog. Happy Easter to all. On the spiritual side, I've been sleep walking. So far I've not missed Sunday Mass. If I've missed any Holy Days of obligation, I am not aware.

For Lent, there was an opportunity to volunteer and I did one outing where we went and built a ramp so the homeowner can get in/out of the house. For some, stair steps are a physical barrier. We volunteers didn't finish the ramp but we did help much. The ramp builder ( more than likely finished it by the end of the day. It was fun.

I planted a tree but slogging through its roots to examine its root structure, I ended up removing practically all of its roots because they were deformed from the start. Cutting roots at the point before it got deformed left a mere 4 inches or so of woody root. Needless to say, I now have a very dead-looking tree planted for all to see. I don't know if it will recover. Please pray for my tree. It was beautiful, full of newly sprouted fresh green leaves when I purchased it for a pretty penny. Now it isn't so beautiful. Just another ordinary folk with an ordinary struggle. Life can be hilarious.