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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Been buried in work. Show up at 7am and work like mad until 6pm when I can then get up, stretch, make a pit stop and grab something from the vending machine and then resume working at a slower pace until 10pm. Well okay, I was late two days this week; one from oversleeping and the other due to weather/traffic. Pretty easy to forget to turn on the alarm when I'm just collapsing to bed.

I did leave work at some reasonable time yesterday to attend a Sacred Heart mass. So I spent this morning at work.

Can't really tell the clientele that I suck at my job because I'm new. Honestly I don't think I'd suck any less in another three months. Seems like I'm having to apologize to somebody everyday. But you can't say I didn't give it my best shot.

Outside of work, so long as you don't ask anything complicated from me, I think I can manage. "Autopilot" comes to mind.


Moniales said...

Hi! I just ran into your blog. My prayers for your discernment. I was surprised to see your comment in the sidebar about Dominicans being "very progressive". That depends what Dominicans you are around. You might want to get to know some of the friars and nuns and a few of the active congregrations that aren't that way at all!
God bless you!