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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hey, thanks, Sr. Steph. A friend of mine is making her first annual profession on Sunday (today). She is a CDP Sister. Since I couldn't be there, I decided it'd be cool to send an e-greeting at a minimum. I was going to send an Amercan Catholic greeting card, but then I remember Sr. Steph had introduced us bloggers to the delightful hoops & yoyo. So I went with that instead. I hope I didn't muck up the CDP's network with too much traffic ... I only sent out 4 of those. It took me hours to pick out the four cards thanks to "dial-up modem" technology. Anyhow, thanks, Steph!

Oh and hey, Susan, congrats on your entrance to the novitiate! (yeah, I'm just a little behind on the news)