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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have a sore throat like I've never had before. The ones I've had would be soothed by running fluid across it, as in drinking. This sore throat feels like a lump and it hurts like crazy to swallow. Last night the lump was bigger, almost affecting my inner ear. It's gone down but it's still there and still hurts if I swallow.

I had severe chills last night too. My teeth chattered and my muscles are sore from shivering. I was so exhausted this morning. I slept through much of the day. But when I sleep too much, I get headaches. An e-mail I received several weeks back indicated that drinking two glasses of Gatorade will relieve a headache. It also indicated that mixing equal parts of white vinegar and honey and taking a tablespoon of the stuff six times a day will relieve a sore throat. So here I go.

I've had two doses of Tylenol and Mucinex today.  Maybe I'll take another dose.

Every now and then I have to take "space heater therapy" where I toast myself in front of a space heater to relieve the chills.