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my personality revealed

Monday, August 07, 2006

Okay, so a three question test of two choices each question doesn't allow for much variation. I looked at the test again today and my answers didn't change ... guess I'm not multiple personality (yet, anyways).

So I went looking for the meaning of an "SP" personality; and the SP group, like for all the personality groups, have four variations. I pick the introvert variations, and being that I'm no artist, went with mechanic. So the personality is then "
ISTP." I didn't go looking for the other personality types ... this one seems close enough.

Indeed I'm hands-on, laid back, doing-stuff, how-does-it-work, need-time-to-think/sort, don't-trust-my-feelings type. Yes, I do tend to revert to being rather juvenile when under stress.

Take for example, this weekend at the Dominican jubilee celebration. This is a huge event. And what did I do? I showed up in jeans and t-shirt. Yes, I had caved into the temptation of "so sue me" "what are you gonna do, fire me?" "the hell with it" slacker attitude. I had considered slinking off with my tail tucked but decided against it. I'll risk the embarassment, with the hopes of dazzling them so with my personality that the dress (or lack thereof) shall be forgiven. The results were less than stellar since there is nothing dazzling about my introverted somebody-save-me-please personality. I would just have to redeem myself another way ... like staying to the end and helping with the clean up ... shoot, I was dressed for that.