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Happy Independence Day

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day to all.

As for me, I'm sick. It started yesterday. My stomach was bothering me. I took a two-hour lunch from work to nap. It was cold in the office, but I was probably having chills on top of that. I left work early to go to spiritual direction. Then after that, I picked up the plumbing stuff I needed and dinner for Tonto. When I got home I just crashed, sleeping 12 hours straight.

I'm weak, groggy and maybe a little dizzy this morning. All I had yesterday was a bowl of soup which had exactly one cube of chicken. Sleeping all day is probably not good, so I'm up to see if maybe I would feel a little better if I'm awake. I've eaten two of the little Dole fruit bowls, one was peach the other was mandarin oranges. Let's see if my stomach can handle that.

It is raining this morning. We normally attend the neighborhood parade wherein they throw candy to the people lining the route. If they do that today, the candy would be all soggy and inedible. Anyhow, we're not going to attend this year.