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a lull

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Not a low. I don't want to call it a low. I'm at a lull in my church life. I'm still trying to get used to our new pastors. I don't miss my former pastor in the sense of heartache, but I do miss his presence and HOMILIES. I, who am very talented at snoozing and can sleep soundly in busy airports, bus stops and doctor's waiting rooms, can also snooze during mass. It's become the norm to attend my parish mass and be bored. Gumby visited the parish a few times over the holidays and I have to say, "Yeah, that's about how it is (boring)."

No, we don't come to mass to be entertained. But in the words of Fr. John Corapi, the priest is supposed to be on fire, and the people come to watch him burn. Our bishop, too is a big believer in priests who are supposed to know how to preach. But he inherited the diocese and he can't quite fix it ... there are other matters to pursue.

It won't discourage me from attending mass, it just keeps me expectant that I will be bored. I still do my two volunteer gigs. One I'm reasonably competent with, and therefore comfortable. The other, not so comfortable and I still feel like a fifth wheel and wonder sometimes if I'm not a liability. There isn't much oomph in my "church presence" -- I'm at a lull.