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a long time ago

Sunday, February 15, 2009

color photo source

Congrats to Chandra Wilson for her "Supporting actress in a drama series" award at the
2009 NAACP Image Awards.

We were in class together one year in grade school. She must've made an impression on me, because I don't remember any other names from grade school. I remember hearing her name on TV one time. I then went and dug out my only yearbook from grade school and sure enough, it's her (that's the black and white photo). I suppose that's about the same level as "Hey, I sold her a hamburger one time."

Well, I just thought y'all might find it mildly interesting.

No, I still don't watch much TV and am only vaguely aware of the existence of the show "Grey's Anatomy." I can't name a single character in the show and I still don't know who "McDreamy" is and whether it's a nickname or a real name for the character.