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Saturday, March 07, 2009

I purchased an SOG S66 for a friend.  I had originally eyed the S63 but the S66's feature of having the knives available without having to open the tool sounded good.  I played with it some upon its arrival and indeed, the V-cutter rivet heads do rub against the neighboring tool, requiring a little manipulation to pull either one of those out by itself.  This thing is too big for what they call EDC (every day carry) in my opinion, but for my friend who may not have ready access to tools, this should be useful.  The grip on the knife isn't very comfortable, due to the top of the second blade biting into my grip.  But hopefully it won't be too much of a problem (wear gloves?).
For myself, I think I want a Leatherman E33B. Yup, just a decent knife with a nice screwdriver functionality.  Actually, I wouldn't mind it being even a shorter blade.  It looks great but I don't know how well it performs ... can't tell until you get it in your hands and work with it.  Some other reviews of the Leatherman bit holder design indicated that the bits tend to fall off (not good!).  I don't know if that is still true for this model.