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laboring on Labor Day

Monday, September 07, 2009

I've been working on the room to be carpeted, trying to clear it out. I moved 4 large file cabinets, a small 2-drawer file cabinet, a small desk, a work table and some boxes. They got moved to the garage. I'm tired and I'm quitting for the day. I have to stop and feed myself and the critters.

There is still the "desk" - two planks of wood spread across two small file cabinets with a "hutch" I made myself. It's full of stuff. There's also still a small table, a pantry-like cabinet, and assorted odds and ends on the floor. The 11' x 12' room was packed to the gills; it's a lot of stuff to move. I had hoped to finish today, but I gotta quit now.

A contractor came today to look at the work to be done on the outside. The carpet store guy also stopped by on his way home this evening, to look at some other stuff Gumby had discussed.

It's been a full day for me.