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new jeans

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you've followed by blog for a while (I mean a reeeally long while), you might recall that I have difficulty finding blue jean pants that fit my specifications.  I like them plain, straight leg, no stretch, and preferably of good weight.  The pair that I last purchased at a brick-n-mortar store was one size too large.  I've sported the baggy look for some years now and I've gotten comfy with those jeans.  But they're wearing out.  Some days I do wish they weren't baggy around my hips but overall they're comfortable.

Being that it's back-to-school time, jeans are among the items on sale and thought I ought to take advantage of the sale. The other day, I went to the same store where I previously got my jeans and again was unable to find the right fit.  So once more I bought one size larger.  They will require a belt; but they don't look all that baggy.  We'll see how that works out ... they have some stretch to them.

Today I went to Old Navy and bought two skinny jeans.  Yeah, I backed off on the "no stretch" requirement.  Seems I had to give that up to get any jeans at all.  I tried on two different styles and discovered that "low rise" means "I want to show the public my butt crack."  So I opted for the classic rise instead.  And since the jeans fit reasonably, I just went ahead and got a second one since there wasn't another style suitable.  Actually, Gumby insisted that I get the second one.  Else I'd be perfectly content to walk out with just one.  They fit snug around my legs but a little loose around my butt and hips ... apparently I don't have much butt.  I like a slightly loose fit anyways.

I think it was the 80's when they had "tapered" leg jeans.  Those were pretty much the same as "skinny" jeans, except in those days they hadn't made the jeans stretchy yet. So if you had tight jeans, they were indeed tight.

On leaving the parking lot, I saw skinny jeans in action on a young guy and it looked good on him.  And I also saw it on a woman; except that on her, due to her shape the skinny jeans made her legs look like chicken legs on that body.  Folks, you might want to watch out for the "chicken legs" effect.

Perhaps one day the classic blue jeans will return. Just a little loose, of good weight, plain, no stretch, deep pockets, straight legs, uniform in color (not pre-faded) -- built for working in.