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the job search

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Job searching has gotten more sophisticated. It is now recommended that you have Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn,, CareerBuilder, and Dice accounts at minimum, and have a blog. So I have signed up for Twitter, I just finished Monster tonight, and I already had LinkedIn thanks to Natty.

My job search is evolving since I am getting training for a new career path. As I get more and more training for what I want to do, I can slowly better define what field and what specialty I'm heading to. This translates to quite a bit of maintenance on the profiles/accounts.

And after all that, the best bet to getting a job is networking. Kind of like dating maybe, where two people meet because they had a friend in common, or at least their friends had a friend in common.

Anyhow, I'll get to FaceBook, the blog (no, not this one), and Dice another time. I'll also need to update my profile in CareerBuilder. Then I'll need to study how best to use LinkedIn ... apparently there are "how to" of LinkedIn that I'm supposed to look at.

Right now I need to hit the shower. "Good night" to those on this side of the earth.  "See you later" to those on the other side of the earth.


Jeff said...

I can understand your pain.

How about checking out and letting me know where you need a job and maybe I can connect you with someone who is hiring.

We connect Jobs and Workers Locally.

seeking_something said...

Thank you Jeff. I will check it out.