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Lent is just around the corner

Sunday, March 06, 2011

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday! (That makes this Tuesday Mardi Gras.)

We typically do no-meat Fridays anyways, and it will just continue through Lent. During Lent though, we'll get more options for fish as the local eateries add fish to their menus and the Knights of Columbus put on Friday fish dinners. I'll will fast from sweets again, since it is still a challenge for me. No cookies, candies, cakes pies, sugary drinks (soda, punch, sweetened tea) and the like. Since I am a weak vessel, I do allow fruit juice, Jell-O, and canned fruit. The goal, though is to fast from them as well ... maybe I can just limit them to certain days.

Wishing everyone a fruitful Lenten journey.