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checking in

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Just checking in. I'm surprised to see that this blog still gets a few visits. I was expecting zero visitors since I've left it quite stagnant.

Sorry I have neglected to wish all a happy Easter. I think of my blog visitors often, but often do not have the time to blog. Amazingly enough, I also have hardly any time to browse the internet and haven't watched the news much.

It's a long drive to my new job. In traffic, it's easily an hour commute. Between the new job and getting the house back in order after it's been in disarray for the re-carpeting and painting, I've not much time left.  There is still some residual work left to be done as a result of re-doing the room, but for the most part I can go back to a more normal mode of operation. Most everything have been placed back in the room.

I suspect that life will continue to be busy. I've dropped the spiritual direction when I got laid off almost a year ago; but perhaps I will restart it one day. I've volunteered to help out at one of the other parishes on a certain project. That hasn't kicked off yet but it will in a week or so. At my own parish, I expect one of my volunteer gigs to be starting back as well, though I'm not sure if it is a matter of weeks or months.

The beatification of Pope John Paul II is a happy occasion.  Know that I share in your joy though I've not followed the happenings and am only vaguely aware of the event.  Easter continues for several weeks, may we all continue in the spirit of joy in light of the resurrection of our Lord.