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just relaxing

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Just a relaxing Saturday so far. I mowed the lawn yesterday evening so that's out of the way. I just fertilized our trees and shrubs out front. Right now I'm taking a little break while the dishes are soaking, then I'll get to washing the dishes.

There's lots of time-consuming stuff that needs to get done when Gumby wakes up. Stuff that's been put off because I get home so late during the week. We'll try to catch up on that stuff this weekend. I had a good ol' nine hours of sleep last night. Gumby had some insomnia issues, I guess.

I'm sure there's lots of stuff that needs doing that I'm forgetting right now. Difficult to remember these things when I have a propensity to just relax. hmm...the cars need washing and the dog needs a bath. But right now the dishes are calling.