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moving into Holy Week

Saturday, March 23, 2013

For Lent, I had given up sweets as much as I was able. What gave me the most difficulty is the avoidance of sweet drinks. I'm not a fan of drinking water. I've been resorting to substituting: tea that I can drink if sweetened with honey, and Metamucil. Yes, Metamucil. I'll take the orange flavored fiber drink just to have something other than water.

At work, we have a variety of drinks available to us at no cost: numerous choices on coffee, teas, and hot chocolate. Believe you me: I will be CELEBRATING Easter.

On another note, in anticipation of the person I'm sponsoring becoming baptized and joining the Catholic church, I have acquired a lovely crucifix for a gift.
It really is a stunning piece in real life.

Unlike my previous venture to acquire a crucifix, the same store now had a better selection of them. This one grabbed my eye very quickly, though I did browse the selection before settling on this one. There were some other quite desirable ones, but their prices were beyond my budget.

A crucifix is a good gift for a newly baptized Catholic, since they are unlikely to have one already.

If the store gets another one of these crucifixes in stock, I would like to get one for myself.

May everyone have a most Holy Week.