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no sir

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am 99.99% of the time stony faced and dead serious, except for the occasional obligatory smile to go with "hello!" and "I'm just fine!" And in truth, I am at this moment stony faced and dead serious, but at least I can be more expressive in writing:

I received a vocational mailing today ... from a men's order.

Yes, I get gender mix-ups quite often. It happens quite understandably when it's not face to face, due to my name being what it is (which y'all don't know). It sometimes happens even in person, but only rarely. Gender neutral jeans an t-shirts kinda confuses some, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Hee! Too funny. I'd be tempted to show up to one of their functions in all seriousness just to... y'know, push the envelope. ;)

But I know, that's not your style. And, yes, I do know your name, and no, I wouldn't necessarily know it was a female name without knowing either. Is it an "Americans don't know much about other cultures" thing or do you have a generally gender-neutral name like Pat or Shannon are in English?

seeking_something said...

that's odd...I posted a reply to Natty but now it's not here ... not about to do it again

Anonymous said...

lol :) I had a colleague who applied for a retreat at the diocesan seminary because they had just said: "Interested in the priesthood?" in their ad. She was interested. When she got an invitation in the mail and a list of what to bring, she decided she'd better call and fess up before she got thrown out.

-- TO at LAMLand