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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I got up this morning around 6:30 a.m.; my back pain did not allow me to lie about longer. I fired off one e-mail in pursuit of a job, then read chapter 5 on Dominican spirituality. I have chapters 5 and 6 saved to my computer. It's been so long since I read the other chapters that I don't remember what they covered. Chapter 5 is "Dominican Life is Liturgical" which basically emphasizes that prayer is central to daily Dominican life. Unless we have spent time in prayer and pondering, we might miss the Lord's promptings: "Sometimes the Holy Spirit sends his illuminations long after the period of formal prayer has passed. It may be in the thick of the apostolate that the priest hears his whisperings. He will not hear these soft-spoken promptings if he does not live in the atmosphere of prayer, if he has not made a cell in his own heart."(1)

Then I went in search of the book online, searching the Dominican links I have, and was unsuccessful. Well, I still have chapter 6 to read and I'm quite certain I'll find it eventually.

Then I had a can of soup for breakfast. Then reviewed the first chapter of my CCNA book. That made me groggy - a full belly and a dry book. So I proceeded to pick up my attempt to memorize Psalm 27. I was working on the third "stanza" (Hear my voice, LORD, when I call...) Going over and over it in my groggy mind. Then out of nowhere pops "Did you tell me who I am?"

My immediate reaction was "Who is this idiot that needs me to tell him who he is?" Which was very quickly followed by "uh oh" then ...

Lord, You are my God and my Saviour.
Just as the beginning of the Psalm said, You are my light and my salvation.
You are the source of all good.
You are the source of my being.
You are my Lord and my God.



Anonymous said...

Where to find the Dominican Spirituality book online?

Here ya go! It links from here, off of That site's chock full-o good stuff!

Happy reading, and enjoy your re-adjustment to having a personal life! ;-)

seeking_something said...

Oh cool. Thanks much.