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making arrangements

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We've been busy with funeral arrangements. We met with the funeral director on Friday afternoon. Then left there to get clothes for Skip's burial and gather what few photos skip had for printing in the program. Yesterday morning we were supposed to meet with the pastor of the church where funeral services will be held. We were very late and the meeting didn't happen but we looked around. Then the remainder of yesterday was spent working on the contents and layout of the program. It's not finished yet;still working on it. Today we've not revisited the funeral activities; maybe we will resume later tonight after the MLK mass with the bishop. We have to deliver the requisite things to the funeral director on Tuesday, with viewing for approval on Thursday. Then visitation Friday night. Funeral this coming Saturday morning.


Lisa said...

I know what a difficult time this is. Prayers and good thoughts accompany all!

seeking_something said...

Thank you, Lisa.