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busier with doggie

Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy. How do people with kids manage to keep their schedules? I'm so whipped.

Doggie had first vet visit this past Saturday. Vet did not favor the raw diet approach and pointed me to . I'm so tired I'll take any excuse to drop the raw diet. I have a bag of Iams ready to go.

Doggie is so big I often forget that he's a pup. This past Saturday was also his first time to run around the house unleashed. Eventually he went off to a spot he thought was out of the way and attempted to potty. I got him out. It didn't occur to me that he doesn't know how to ask to go out, nor does the know that he's NOT to do that in the house.

He has an infection in one ear. Applying ear ointment to that cyclone of a dog is a real challenge.

Doggie loves his Doggie Hoots toy. I thought he would tear it up in one sitting, but nope. That toy is still intact after three separate encounters. He's normally like a bucking bronco anyways and with this toy, he' like two bucking broncos. Sometimes it's hilarious but I know it's not going to be funny if he flings his toy into our supper.

Anyhow, because he's such a destructive force, he doesn't get to come out of the crate unless I have him on a leash. So he doesn't get out much. And when he does, he takes alot of my time because I do want him to have some time to run and play.

We ordered his pet tag last night.

In a few more weeks he'll be back to the vet for the follow up and to be neutered.

Tomorrow I have spiritual direction. Friday I have dinner with the Dominicans. Right now I'd like some zzzzz's. But I have to take doggie out one more time. in the cold and rain. and mud. and I still have to wash his bowls.