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the other Seeking Something

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I must have a twin some where. Years ago I walked into a gas station to pay for my gas and the cashier said, "Weren't you just here? Didn't you just pay already?"

Another time I was in a restaurant and the waitress said she thought I was her former boss, where she used to work. She said I looked like her.

A few months back I was at a drugstore and the cashier asked me, "Did you run the marathon?" (There had been a marathon, one of the city's big events, just that weekend.) "No." "You look like the lady they showed on TV."

And tonight the waitress at the Mexican restaurant thought I was the lady that drove one of the city's transit buses. hmm ... well I have *dreamed* quitting my job and go drive a UPS truck, doing the mindless job of delivering boxes upon boxes upon boxes ... (I'm kinda stressed out these days).

And these are just the instances I can remember. I think there has been a few other times.


Anonymous said...

I've had this experience too. At a conference on the East Coast one summer, I had a group of 3 women run up to me shouting, "Susan!!!" I just turned and looked quizzically at them, since my name isn't nor does it sound like Susan. Weird, isn't it?

seeking_something said...

Whenever it happens, I think God is chuckling, having played a little joke.