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spoke too soon

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I came back from a meeting with my Dominican liaison this morning to find that our dog has been busy in his crate. All that is left of his martingale collar is a strip less than 1 ft and the metal parts to it. Not only did he chew it up, he ate it. We just got that collar on Tuesday night, so it lasted 3 days.

I would guess that he discovered that part of the collar with the D ring, which when pulled pinches the collar tighter and which can be seen as a handy "short leash." Yeah, the part can extended and be long enough to put in mouth and chewed. Lovely. How often do do see a dog chew a collar off of his own neck?

Back on the choke chain collar he goes. Maybe the Martingale was only supposed to be used in training and not to be left on?