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Friday Five

Thursday, October 09, 2008

For variety, here is my participation in this week's Friday Five.

So for today's Friday Five, you're invited to share your experiences with the exciting, challenging world of business travel....

1. Does your job ever call for travel? Is this a joy or a burden?
There has been some occasions where my job calls for travel. Not often. Most of the time, it's more "joy" than "burden." I mostly don't mind but one time it meant that I'd miss a certain event at church and I wasn't happy about that. It's also very helpful that I have someone who will take care of the pets while I'm gone.

2. How about that of your spouse or partner?
not applicable

3. What was the best business trip you ever took?
One time most of my team went. It was nice because I liked my team; we worked well together and we also had fun after work.

4. ...and the worst, of course?
I think all of the trips went well, meaning that the objectives were met. The worst, though would be the one where it was all-day meetings for three days straight. They have to justify your pay so they stick you in a meeting, whether or not that particular meeting was relevant to you. There was nothing else to do ... if we were not in a meeting, we'd be loitering.

5. What would make your next business trip perfect?
hmm...may God surprise me


Katy V. said...

I THINK this is the first time I've visited your blog...I enjoy it very much!

Stuck in meetings for 3 days, yuck. That's when it's time to play hooky!

Sally said...

yup 3 days of meetings is not good- hope God springs that surprise!!!!

Dr Laura Marie Grimes said...

You're always welcome-thanks for playing.
Prayers for your discernment process.

seeking_something said...

Thanks all for dropping by!

Gord said...

3 all day meeting borders on cruel and unusual punishment in my book

Processing Counselor said...

Part of a good conference is the 'goof off and visit friends' time!