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fun wheels

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The following are not new, but they're novel to me

Somewhere I stumbled on mention of the
Trikke, so I checked out their website. Product looks like fun, but after viewing several of their videos, I decided that the product is severely lacking in "cool factor." However, if balancing on wheels is not really your thing, the Trikke would suit you just fine. With three spread out points of contact on the ground, handle bars and hand brakes, it should be pretty stable for those just learning. PRICING: refurb T78 ~$200 ($500 for the T8 shown)

So then I wanted to see something cool. So I went back to the website for the Flowboards. I've mentioned them somewhere before on this blog. The Flowboards are definitely cool. I want one. My knee has been giving me problems lately, so I don't know if I could ride one if I had one at this time. But hope springs eternal, so I want one. PRICING: $80 ($70 at Target, $40 at Newegg) for the 32" model
UPDATE: Aw. After seeing the reviews at Newegg, I have a change of heart. I think I'll stick to a regular skateboard. Thanks for your reviews at Newegg! (~$70)

Then I stumbled upon Newronsport skates. Definitely cool as well. If I were to buy skates, they'd be inline skates and they'd be the Newronsport design. They do a better job of mimicking skating on ice, they say. PRICING: $250 (model shown is $350)