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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Persimmons. I had picked them from the tree at the other property just last Saturday. I've been seeing them change to a brighter orange as they sit on the counter. Now they seem ripe already. I had one. It wasn't bad. Probably one more day of ripening would be safe.


Natty said...

I have never had a persimmon. I'm a bit of a picky, unadventurous eater, so it would take some coaxing, some instruction on how to eat it (what parts not to eat) & the tolerance to let me sniff it first, for me to try one.

Fruity or vegetably?

seeking_something said...

There seems to be generally two types of persimons. These are of the type that has to be squishy soft before you eat them. I just place these with the stem side down and cut down the middle. I don't actually need to cut all the way through the stem; I stop there. I spread it open and scoop out the inside. The peeling is very thin and some people just go ahead and eat them. I'd say persimmons are fruity. And in this case, it's soft ... um, almost Jell-O.