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apostolic visitation

Friday, February 05, 2010

A representative from Rome is visiting the U.S.A. women religious congregations.  It's not new news; I just haven't paid it much attention.  However, the visitation seems to have caused quite a flurry.  Here is National Catholic Reporter's collection of "stuff" on the topic:

As someone seeking to enter religious life, I ought to be keenly interested.  I've just been too pre-occupied with my own fires.  I am surprised by the negative views of the ordeal.  Of course nobody likes audits.  Usually the grumbling is along the lines of it being another inconvenience.  In this case, the grumblings go far beyond that into issues that I don't understand and have no awareness of.  It'd be nice to sit with some women religious over some bubble tea and hear what the big hoolabaloo is all about.