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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've been sick for a week now. The symptoms keep changing. Sinus, cold, allergies ... any one of those probably occurred some time during the week. I've a cough that just won't quit. I've tried just about every color of Mucinex. Delsym worked for me at one time, but it doesn't seem to do anything this time around. This past week I have tried eating oranges, drinking hot tea, hot apple juice, and hot apple cider. I went to the doctor on Friday and he prescribed a cough syrup with codeine and Zyrtec D. I think the Zyrtec is throwing my body for a loop. It did dry me up (too much, I think) but now it's time for another dose and my body is still feeling drugged though my nose is running again. I couldn't get they cough syrup because the pharmacist needs to talk to the Doc and it was Saturday when I tried to fill that prescription. So I'm trying super duper strength Robitussin DM.

I learned Thursday night that a friend of mine passed. I was able to confirm it on Friday morning. He was a good guy. We're not real close but I do try to call him on his birthday and perhaps any one of those military days (Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Pearl Harbor Day, etc.).  He had been bed-ridden for years.  I was not able to attend any of the services for him because I found out too late (the funeral was at the same time as my doctor's appointment).  May his soul rest in peace.  And may time heal the sorrow of his friend who had taken care of him through all those years.