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Happy Sunday to all

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Sunday to all.  Based, on Jesus's promises, it is better to be resurrected than to be dead.

Which leads to the question:  "What does the Church mean when she says 'resurrection of the dead'?"
and why would we look forward to being 'resurrected'?

(I know, this has nothing to do with Pentecost Sunday.  It was just on my mind at the moment, was all.)


sarah, rsm said...

It means that we die - as in the end of the physical body - and are resurrected to New Life, as Jesus was. As opposed to being "raised from the dead" which means brought back to life as we knew it.

seeking_something said...

Thank you. Resurrection of both body and soul, except that it will be a "glorified" body. I look forward to it because I believe that the resurrected life will be with God, which in turn means that life will be all good.