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switch timer

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The other day, I installed a switch timer for the front porch light. Works great. I enjoy the convenience.  It comes on at a certain time and goes off at a certain time.  Switch timer plus switch plate came out to less than $31USD.

I saw it at the local hardware store but didn't buy it at first because I couldn't figure out how to make it work with my existing two-gang switch electrical box. Thanks to, I was shown the way when they suggested the switch plate to go with the timer. Nowhere on the timer packaging does it say that it fits a decora plate; it ought to indicate that it does fit.

I get home after dark.  With our new glass door, it is very important that the porch be lit. If the porch is not lit and the light inside the house is brighter than outside, you could see in.  With the porch lit, it is more difficult to see inside plus it allows us to see out to our porch VERY well.

I'd certainly recommend a switch timer for anyone who wants to leave their light on all night and ensure that the light is off in the morning.  No more forgetting to turn off the porch light.  (so long as you program the timer)  It is compatible with CFL bulbs.  The tiny screen is difficult to see; you might need a magnifying glass.

This particular switch timer has an internal rechargeable battery that doesn't need replacing and will keep your settings in the event of a power outtage.

Absolute DO turn OFF the circuit breaker to the light (and therefore, the switch) BEFORE removing and replacing your old switch!