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re-doing a room

Saturday, April 09, 2011

We have a little money from an insurance claim. We're going to replace a carpet. I've been busy moving all the stuff out of that one room. It's A LOT of stuff. I've got it cleared enough now to where I can roll up the old carpet and padding. I do that so that I can sweep the floor, to avoid the situation where the carpet installers just come in and lay new carpet on top of an unswept floor.

I'll try to get to washing the walls tonight. Maybe tomorrow I can sand the gloss off of the trim and paint the trim. The carpet people are coming Wednesday. It'd be good to finish painting the trim around the floor (base boards) before they arrive. After I wash the walls I can better see any surface repairs that need to be made. Then I'd spackle, wait for the spackle to dry, then paint the walls.

After I pulled up the carpet, I see a crack all the way across the floor. Uh, I think that signals a foundation problem. We're just going to ignore it for now. We have other problems at hand.