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week in review

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A moment of prayer for vocations ... (pause) ...


I decided to go with the 6:45 a.m. weekday mass mainly due to traffic--it's so much better at six-something in the morning. So for weekday mass I'm actually at the parish I prefer. Ideally I would study in the time between end of mass and start of my shift, but most of the time it's half study because I'm half asleep.

It so happens that this particular parish has a school. One morning I heard the announcements, given by two students. Whether I can hear it or not depends on the parking lot I choose. Being a visitor, I had unwittingly chosen that parking lot that day. Anyhow, the first kid led the Our Father then Hail Mary and Glory Be. The second kid did the Pledge of Allegience (and actually, an adult did the announcements). Wow, now that's a good wholesome start to a day. It gave me a warm feeling inside, a little nostalgia and a lot of confidence that these kids are in good hands. I never got the prayers in school as a kid, but I certainly did the Pledge.

Friday morning I entertained the thought of missing mass. Then it occurred to me that it's first Friday and in truth, other than mass, I wouldn't be doing anything special to commemorate the day. So I got my butt up and made it to mass.

I'm not liking my new job. But there are really intelligent people at the job, so there must be a good reason to stick around. So I guess I need to stick around and find out what that reason is. Also, if I were to move in with the Dominicans, I'd be a mere few minutes from the job. Gotta leave some room for those dreams.

I didn't do didly squat yesterday. I don't want to do anything today either, but I'm going to have to. I did go to mass and did my volunteer thing, but I'm definitely not on the positive kick I usually am on when I'm at my parish. I didn't even really make an effort to give my pastor a hug (usually you have to wait in line--that's the "effort"). I'm just not a happy camper, but I'll make it.