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daily devotionals

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A CDP Sister (I STILL DO LOVE YOU, Sister) once took the time to detail for me the various Catholic daily devotionals available. For those not familiar, they are typically meditations on the Bible reading for the day. I still have the e-mail somewhere, either electronically or in print, but I don't know where at the moment. Here are three from memory:

Living Faith
Word Among Us

She also mentioned SHARE THE WORD but it is no longer being published, and DAILY GOSPEL 2005 by the Claretians, and LIVING WITH CHRIST which only has the readings no meditations and AT HOME WITH THE WORD 2005 often used for lectors to prepare.

There are also these seasonal ones:
The Little Blue/Black/Purple/White Book

book instead of journal/mag like those above (the book list can get really long so I probably won't maintain a book list):
People's Companion to the Breviary 2 volume set published by the Carmelites of Indianapolis (thanks Natty)

If there are others, I'll be glad to edit this entry and add them to the list.


Pam said...

We sometimes just wander through this life. Thank you for the links. The name of a good book is "I Am Always with You" by Douglas Bloch
Fruits of the Spirit

seeking_something said...

Thanks Pam.

Natty said...

The Saginaw "Little Blue/Black/Purple/White Books" are AMAZING! Bishop Untner is sorely missed!

I generally use the People's Companion to the Breviary 2 volume set published by the Carmelites of Indianapolis. Sometimes I'll substitute the provided readings with the gospel reading of the day from the site.

I've also been wanting the new Dominicans Praise Breviary, used by many of the Congregations of Domincan Women's Communities since last year. But it's $50+, and can only be ordered through one of the publishing communities as of yet (Grand Rapids as well as a number of others), and I haven't had the money to get one yet.

Sr. K got Living Faith in the mail, and Sr. L got Living with Christ. Both handy to have on hand for the daily readings as well as reflections on feast days, etc.