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window shopping

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The thing about a computer is that you keep needing to spend $ on it ... peripherals, applications, upgrades and the like. I've been trying to find some good deals.

I mentioned before.
Here is another one: and its brother,

Though some of the deals are tempting, I've yet to purchase anything. Last week I did purchase some things from local stores: CD-R, CD-RW, photo paper, and keyboard. I'd still like some DVD media, a TV tuner card, a micro-SD, a thumb drive of several Gigs and either an external drive or just a secondary hard drive. An MP3 player would be cool too.

The PC was picked up yesterday. I hope the vendor takes time to work with the box and not just rush to ship me another.

On a separate note, I am once more restless and unfocused and tired. I feel like I'm just thrashing about again. I'm exhausted and yet I can't rest...