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culture shock

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've basically been sheltered from difficult people. I'm fortunate that I've never had to work for or with difficult people. So today when I ran into the ladies with the nasty attitudes at the County Courthouse, that was a culture shock. For as long as I had to wait in line, I saw no reason for those ladies to be nasty; all the clients were pretty quiet and just went about taking care of business.

I needed a certain something, and by law, I am cornered into having to go to the County Courthouse. It wasn't an ordinary thingamajig that I needed; I needed one that was X. I explained what I was there for and explained that I didn't know what the procedure was and handed over my papers. As the lady walked off to go get it, I said, "Oh, I needed it to be X." Her reply with an attitude to accompany it: "I know. I know what I'm doing."

I bet sex with her is no fun. You tell her what you want and she gets all huffy and says, "I know. I know what I'm doing." Dang, that spoils the mood.

Well, before she gives me what I was there for, she said she had to check on something. She comes back and pulls a form and tells me I have to fill out the form. This is the County Courthouse way: they give you no information over the phone (I conclude it's because they don't have the knowlege answer your questions), and they make you wait in line just to get a form. The fellow behind me knew he needed a form, but he had to wait in line to get it. So anyways, at this point, I had to leave the counter and go fill out the form. I asked whether I'd have to get back in line and the answer was yes.

I come through the line again. Now it's one of the other ladies. She asks me accusingly, "Weren't you just here?" Well yeah, was there a rule that I can't come back in the same day or something? She looks at my paperwork and asks me questions. I answered honestly (I should have lied), and she starts to tell me I can't do that. I ask her whether I can do so and so, but she doesn't wait for me to finish. I ask again, trying to see if she understood what I was asking. She glares at me and says slowly (as if to a kindergartener) "Now I've told you three times already that you can't do it that way. I don't know how else to say it to you."

My friends, I was pisssssssssed. I will have to go through this again another day. Tonight when saying prayers before dinner, I come to the part about praying for the less fortunate and my thoughts went to those ladies. What poor dried up souls they must be. I had said, "Good morning," to both, and neither was able to return the greeting. I should be exceedingly grateful that they are not healthcare professionals.


Anonymous said...

I believe strongly in the power of a well-written letter of complaint to the supervisors of folks like that.