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OP evening

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Friday evening, I was invited to a Dominican event and gladly attended. I am starting to know some of them by name, much to my surprise. I had certainly looked forward to seeing them, but somehow I didn't feel the excitement on the drive there. I think I may have had a mixture of fatigue and apprehension. "Socials" generally stress me out. Even though I enjoyed the time with them, I didn't stick around to help with the clean-up as would be usual for me and I wasn't on a high when I left. I was quite tired and just went to bed when I got home ... I didn't even read my prayer before bedtime.

My Dominican liason likes to rib me. Sometimes she refers to God as "She" just to tease me. This night she says to me "we might be doing some sun worship tonight." I am happy to report that there was no sun-worshipping going on.

And in case you are wondering: the meeting with my Dominican liason didn't happen due to events outside of our control. I think it may be several weeks before the occasion may be a possibility; I know the next two weeks are out.