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blue jean blues

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I must be old-fashioned, because I can't find the blue jeans I want at the stores. I want the plain blue jeans that are normally displayed folded in stacks and then it's just a matter of finding your size. I don't want them faded. I don't want them decorated. I don't want the stretch kind. I don't want flared legs or boot cut. I prefer them to have some weight; the original jeans were meant for the working person--they were rugged and durable. After foraging for four hours, I came home with one pair of blue jeans one size too large. They will do. If baggy jeans are in, then I'm all set.

I did also get one cheap pair of sneakers.

I must also be getting old. My jeans used to wear out at the knees. Now they're wearing out at the pockets, where the hip bone protrudes.

I guess I kinda hate shopping. It's so inefficient. I wear my clothes and shoes until they really are no longer presentable or are practically falling apart. It's so hard to find replacement shoes as comfortable as the ones I've broken in. And it sure is hard to find replacement jeans.

Some of my new shirts (purchased earlier in the year) are nice, but they're hot. My new pants don't have pockets ... or belt loops. Pants without pockets, now that's an alien concept. I bought dress jackets at that time as well; and they too, do not have pockets. grrr.

The next time I find jeans that fit my tastes and size, I better just get a stack.