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week recap

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tue Wed and Thur ... spent night at hospital keeping Gumby company then got up early to go home, wash up, and go to work, also to vacate the curbside parking before the pay-for-parking hours start.
This means (1) the house is a mess and (2) quality of sleep sucks.

Thur left work early because I didn't feel well. Came home, took some meds and I was out like a light until Gumby called.

Gumby was discharged Fri nite per doctor's authorization. Hospital staff thinks it's too soon. Gumby will just have to be careful. Follow-up appt on coming Tue.

Replacement PC is here. I was up until almost 4am Fri nite working on setting it up. Looks like I have all the data I care about (i.e. I didn't lose them). Turns out that I had burned photos onto a CD, so I didn't lose those either. I've a stack of CD's and didn't see the photo CD until I dug around for the recovery CD. Replacement PC is not an exact copy of what I sent back; it's better hardware. woohoo!

update: Well, I spoke too soon. I did lose some of my pictures. For sure I've lost all the ones with the CDP Sisters also a bunch of bicycling pictures, and the few I had with the Dominicans. Looks like I didn't get around to burning those onto CD.

Got up this morning and went bicycling. I did extend the distance another 3 miles. Wind to my back sure helps. Photo of after-effects of the rainy ride I had a few weeks back.


Anonymous said...

don't know why, but your recent posts make me think of this song download on the Franciscan Sisters site

maybe something about how hard it is to reach out sometimes...

seeking_something said...

maybe it's the hospital imagery