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Sansa Clip

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I got a Sansa Clip 2GB music player for Guppy, and another also for Guppy to give to a friend. I've been working with it this afternoon. It charged in around 4 hours or less, I didn't really time it. I put about 20 CD's on it, not erasing whatever music it was pre-loaded with. It shows to be 339 songs. I have Windows Vista Ultimate and have had no problems with the Clip. I also downloaded and installed the firmware update, the download link can be found in the Sandisk forums. I would post links here but I gotta run off to mass. The thing sounds great to me for the little time I've had it. FM radio was good too. Audio recording was rather low volume but do-able. Unfortunately, it also records the noise associated with handling the Clip and the button clicks. Over all, I think it's a good buy for $50 and am quite satisfied for my first impression.