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fence still needs gate

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I worked on building the front fence on one side of the house this weekend. Yesterday I was able to dig out the old middle post and set a new one in its place. I stained new wood and pickets and put those up.

Today I set the post by the house for the gate. I stained new wood and pickets built the new gate. I was hoping to be able to hang the frame and then install the pickets, but the frame wasn't stiff enough without the pickets. So I built the whole gate. Now it weighs a ton. I was trying to figure out how to hang it, but I ran out of daylight. I think what I'll do is make props to stabilize the thing so that I can install the hinges. I need to make sure the hinge pins are perfectly vertical. One good thing: the gate WILL fit in the space between the two posts. I can't tell if it'll end up aligned with the rest of the fence.