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just checking in

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hectic times these days at work. And next week I'll have to start (and finish) a part of my work that I reeeeally don't enjoy and which I struggle with.

I purchased a Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 player this week since they were on sale at Office Depot. I can now listen on-the-go to the MP3 New Testament and such. I also grabbed some downloads from the EWTN website: some Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR; Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.; and Fr. John Corapi, SOLT. I was hoping to get some MP3s from Dr. Scott Hahn's site but the audio repository seems to not be working.

I met with my Dominican liaison last week over dinner at a quiet restaurant. It was planned that way, but aside from us there were maybe two only other tables with people. She gave some info on the going-ons in the Order, discussed some of the other seekers who are interested in joining the Order, and the near-term plans for additional vocational activities. I talked some about my family. She gave me another requirement for me to meet before I can apply for entrance. Oh well. My debt is the mountain I have to move right now, I'm not really concerned with other barriers for the time being. I haven't asked for the full set of requirements for entrance ... it could be that I'm supposed to bring a wheelbarrow of money with me if I am to enter, ya never know. No point in hashing those details now. The rules could all change by the time my debt is paid off. Heck, I could be hit by a beer truck between now and then and everything would be moot.

Tomorrow I will meet with my spiritual adivsor. As usual, I am not at all prepared for that. I suppose I'm not very organized. Tomorrow I also hope to get a haircut, though I'm itching to finish the fence I started. It irritates me that I'm so close to finishing it and yet I can't get to it. I'm also a little anxious that it might turn out rather crappy, i.e. significantly misaligned in one plane or another. At the same time, I've recognized that it is what is, and it will be what it will be.